Any way to force a refresh of external libraries on a remote interpreter?

Certainly I'm not the only one who's encountered this.

I have a remote interpreter (ssh), which is also the project interpreter, filled in from deployment settings. I upgraded one of the libraries on the server, but the stubs PyCharm shows in the external libraries section is still the old version. I tried deleting the remote interpreter and recreating it, but unfortunately it seems to have just reused a cached version of the stubs.

What I need is for PyCharm to realize that the file is updated. I can look at a file in PyCharm, and see that it's simply not been updated.

Is there a way to purge PyCharm's cache of libraries on a remote interpreter?
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Guys & gals, just get PyCharm for Linux and expose it to Windows with GWSL or other X-Server. It works beautifully. I had endless problems with these kinds of issues with PyCharm for Windows accessing files in WSL. Just get the Linux version.


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