Custom template tag marked as error


I have a custom template tag to check permissions. The use is like this:

    <div>Some restricted content</div>
{% end_haspermission %}

The implementation was taken from the django docs and goes like this:

def do_haspermission(parser, token):
    nodelist = parser.parse(('end_haspermission',))

So, the template tag works perfect for django however Pycharm does not detect the closing "end_haspermission" tag and marks it as an error, I know this is not preventing me for work but the error mark on the html can bring some confusion to people.

How can I solve this?

Thanks and thank you for this awesome software!!!

EDIT: I just changed the closing tag 'end_haspermission' to 'endhaspermission' and now pycharm is happy again!

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