Refactor - Rename a Method Problem


I encountered a very annoying problem while trying to rename a method.

I select Refactor -> Rename, appCode opens the Change Signature dialog.
In the Parameters table, I click on the Selector name to change the name of the existing method. The field goes in editing mode with the method name highlighted.
I click on the section of the name I want to change (I don't want to retype the whole name) and the caret is placed in the middle of the method name.

At this point, any key stroke, including Delete puts the caret at the very end of the method name.

For example, to replace xxxMinxxx method's name with xxxSecxxx, I set the caret right after the letter 'n', I hit delete, after deleting 'n', the name becomes xxxMixxx and the caret is set at the very end of the name, and so on.
The same thing happens when typing the new characters. To type "Sec" in the middle of the method name, I have to set the caret 3 times to the right location and enter one letter at a time.

But the outcome of the action is correct. When I hit the Refactor button, the refactoring is completed successfully.


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