How can I remove this warning?

The use of single equal is intentional. It seems I can skip this warning by changing the code to `if ((self = [super init])) {`. But I don't want a smartass suggestion engine to dictate my code :)

Can I turn off this particular warning somehow?

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FWIW. Xcode 4 has the same warning. I did see a one liner (sed or perl I think) that did a search and replace to migrate from the older to new types - if you are interested. I'd just need to go dig it up.

That said, you can disable it using the standard inspection/intention mechanism.

When the caret is over the statement causing the warning:
Right arrow (on either Extract Assignment or Place parentheses around)
Return (on Disable inspection).

This will disable this type of checking in all situations, not just in an init method.

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Alt+Enter | Right arrow | Disable Inspection ?

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Great, folks! thanks :)


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