Mercurial SCM support?

Any plans on adding support for Mercurial in your SCM support? Or at the very least, allow the use of plugins to add this?


I think this is just a matter of either updating the hg4idea-luciad version on the IntelliJ plugins website.

If you really need it today, you can probably download the latest IDEA community 10.5 EAP release, and manually extract the hg4idea plugin from it and drop it in the appCode plugins directory.

You can get the EAP from

The appCode plugins directory is ~/Library/Application Support/appCode10/


Thanks Maarten, this will work indeed. And we'll bundle hg plugin with next appCode build. It's just a leftover it is missing.


Awesome - you guys really love your users - unlike other software companies *cough*-Apple-*cough*


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