How does PyCharm create /usr/local/bin/charm without superuser privilege?

I downloaded PyCharm as a tar.gz archive and extracted it into the /opt directory. When I launched it for the first time, it prompted me to auto-create a /usr/local/bin/charm file. While i was running the launch script as a non-privileged user, i didn't expect it would create the file successfully. However, it did. The owner and group of the /usr/local/bin directory are root, and the permissions are 755, just as normal. I have completely no clue how PyCharm managed to do that.

The OS is Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS, if that is relevant.
PyCharm runs either 'kdesudo' or 'gksudo' depending on whether your machine runs KDE or Gnome. We expect this command to prompt you for the root user password, but apparently your machine is configured in such a way that the prompt is not required.
Thanks Dmitry. That's exactly the case.

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