How to sell my manager on PyCharm

Unfortunately my co-workers are somehow content with PyDev. How do I convince my manager that it's worth it to get me a commercial license? Talking points against PyDev is what I have in mind.

This is what I have so far:

  • vim mode (one of the best)
  • code completion that's way faster/smarter/more useful (likely completions are always towards the top of the list)
  • faster/smarter/better code navigation methods
  • test runner & debugger integration w/ a variety of runners, including pytest... good enough for me to actually want to use my IDE's features for these actions rather than a terminal.
  • ... with coverage reports
  • top notch, native git integration
  • all the great things like 'import this name', code reformatting, import optimizing, smart renaming (objects in code & files both) – all of which are faster than those in PyDev, and easier to use
  • panes
  • better virtualenv support

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I think that what could be most important for a manager is support. If you run into any problems with PyCharm, we have a support service ready to help you, and a large development team which can resolve issues that you encounter. PyDev, on the other hand, is developed by a single engineer who received no funding to work on PyDev for quite a while and has recently started a crowd-funding project to support further development.

The same difference in resources also ends up resulting in quite a different level of feature polish between the two products.

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