Dart Plugin fully functional in PyCharm?

Hey guys,

I really love the Dart implementation in WebStorm. I am mostly a Python developer, and given that all of the WebStorm features can be plugged in to PyCharm, I decided to buy that instead.

I found the Dart plugin and was excited, attached the SDK and everything worked great.

However.. I'm not seeing "Install packages" when I right-click on pubspec.yaml. I'm also not seeing the file watchers.

Am I doing something wrong?

File Watchers is a separate plugin that needs to be installed from the plugin manager.
Lack of the "Install packages" action is a consequence of the way PyCharm is packaged; it should be fixed in the Dart plugin. You're welcome to file a YouTrack issue for this problem.
Hey Dmitry,

Thanks very much for the quick reply. I absolutely love PyCharm. I didn't realize that FileWatchers was a different plug-in, that's very helpful thanks!

As far as the pub installer, this is the most important to me. You said it's because of the way PyCharm is packaged and that it should be fixed in the plugin? We're you saying that it should be working now and mine is packaged wrong or are you saying it should be fixed in a future release?

Thanks again,
I'm saying that it should be fixed in a future release.
Awesome, thanks again. :-)

I will file the issue.


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