Resolved. Remote debugging error - pydev debugger: CRITICAL WARNING:

Hi there – I'm getting the following error, while trying to debug a .py script:

[Sun Jul 21 12:17:21 2013] [error] [client ::1] pydev debugger: CRITICAL WARNING: This version of python seems to be incorrectly compiled (internal generated filenames are not absolute)

I have setup a remote debug configuration to debug a .py script on my local apache server – it is called from an html form from within my pycharm project. All of my remote debugging settings seem correct, and the server is started. I've mapped the file paths from my project directory to the local apache cgi-bin directory where the .py file runs.

Has anyone seen this error, or have any idea how to resolve it. I tried reinstalling python 2.7 completely, but it is still happening.



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