how to make column number visible

I am trying to find a option to make the position of the caret readable somewhere on the screen. something like:
>> L:1346 C:36 <<

usually this info is placed in the status bar but I cannot find the option to make it appear...

do I miss something in the "settings"?
somehow after many settings changes I spotted the desired column number and even much more info... but not on the place I was looking in the first place: not on the editor status bar but on the Program status bar.

now I am not sure if it appears there or was allays on this place

The status bar with the row/column number can be enabled/disabled via View > Appearance > Status Bar. 


Weird I think this was turned off in the last release.


@Sean: I don't know what you mean. I just tested 2021.1.3, and after update my column-numbers were still visible, and the option is still there in 
View > Appearance > Status Bar


Why does the caret's line:column numbers show in the bottom status bar instead of in each file's top right empty space or somewhere more visible for each file? 

It'd be nice to know where the "cursor" was last for each unfocused file I suppose, but also just an easy-to-see place for whatever file you're in (for me it can be in one of four quadrants typically).


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