Is always neccessary to rerun app on local?


I would like to ask you about the debug workflow in PyCharm.

Firstly, I'm really new in pycharm and python. I have created a flask hello world app and click on the run button in the topbar.

In the console, I got a link to localhost where the app is running.
In the browser I saw "Hello world page". Then I changed Hello world title on something else, and I refreshed the browser. But the change wasn'T reflected.

To be reflected, I have to stop the app instance and again run. Then I see the changes.

I would like to ask you, is it possible to reflect changes automatically? Or it's necessary to stop and run after every change.

Really thanks and sorry if the question is stupid:) I'm really new.
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Hi Petr,

you should use
to run Flask project in auto-reload mode.

For more information see –

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