How to change the font size of the project window


I have a UI-related question. I would like to change the font size of various UI elements for PyCharm, ie the project view (the right pane by default). I know I get to the font options settings (settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts), but I could find anything related to the UI. I could say the same for the menus for example. It is rather uncomfortable actually no to have a fine control over these things.

Am I not looking properly?


PS: I am currently using PyCharm on Windows 8.
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Hi MarkoT,

there is another settings for the UI elemens in Settings->Appearance->Override default fonts checkbox.

Also note that you can search for desired option in Settings dialog.
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Thanks for answering. I have seen this setting but I want to change font size only for the aforementioned element.
The search did not give any result.

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The settings of IntelliJ are quite a mess, Note for self, and other people searching the web:

  • In Appearance, Appearance and Behavior via Use Custom Font you can change the font of most of the UI elements, except the editor window
  • In Settings, Editor, Font you can change the font in the editor window. 
  • Also Editor, Change font-size with CTRL+Mousewheel is handy.

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