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I'm trying to understand which directories and files associated with my project I should add to my source control repository to have everyone in the team using the same settings.
Basically I think code style, inspections and dictionaries are good examples of things that could keep everyone on the same page.
In another product, ReSharper, we can pick exactly what settings go where (machine level, user level, project level) and we can add the project (solution) level settings directly to source control and it will be automatically used by everyone.
Are there examples or guidelines on achieving something like this with PyCharm?
It is impossible to manage settings layers in PyCharm like you could do it in ReSharper.

You could install Intellij Configuration Server plugin that supports sharing settings between installations of IntelliJ Platform based products used by the same developer on different computers: (File->Settings->Plugins->Install JetBrains plugin->Intellij Configuration Server->Download and install). For details please refer to
But you could not set machine or user level settings in this case.

Or you could export chosen settings (File->Export settings) and another team members could import these settings (File->Import settings).
I look into this Configuration Server but, from what I read and from your response, it appears it can't be used by an entire team (unless we create a fake, team user.)
Exporting settings seems the only viable approach but that way the settings aren't automatically applied when someone else updates it.
I've reached the same conclusion as Sergio.  So I'll second the desire for a mechanism to 1) share project settings between team members, and 2) preferably via version control.
Thank you!
All project and IDE settings are stored in specific folders:
You could share them via version control. Changes will take effect after restarting PyCharm.

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