PyCharm not closing active tab

I have an issue with PyCharm 2.7.3 using the Eclipse keymap.

It is a fresh PyCharm setup and when I press Ctrl+W to close a tab, the latter does not close.

I checked in Settings> Keymap > Close Active Tab is set to Ctrl+W. When I try to edit the keymap, PyCharm even says that Ctrl+W has no conflicts.

I would appreciate some help in this regard.


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Okay, It seems that an active tab is just any open window (say Project Explorer, database explorer etc.) In PyCharm, a tab with code is called an editor tab. In Eclipse, you close the tab with Ctrl + W. Although I am using the Eclipse keymap, the close-editor-tab is mapped to Ctrl+F4. I changed it to Ctrl + W for my own convenience.
I hope this helps others.

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