Getting an unexpected argument warning about the built-in range class

Hi Everyone.

In Pycharm 3 EAP (OsX) I get an warning about the built-in range class constructor being initialised with
more then one argument.

According to docs – range does accept 2 or 3 additional arguments. I'm a total python newb – however
PyCharm shouldn't recognise this as an possible error, or do I miss something here?

I'm using range to iterate in a for loop, initialising it like this:
for page in range(1, pages + 1, 1):

(I know the last argument isn't necessary, but I keep the last '1' it for sake of my own readability comfort)

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 14.55.53 .png
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There is a known bug for Python 3.3: Please vote to get it implemented and receive updates on this issue.

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