I cannot anymore run the debugger with my project

I can run my project into pycharm
I can run it with manage.py runserver or runprofileserver ..
But i cannot launch it with the debugger

I have the following message :

Could not find thread pid7650_seq7
Available: ['pid7646_seq2', 'pid7646_seq3', 'pid7646_seq1', 'pid7646_seq4', 'pid7646_seq5']
and then waits ... indefinitely
and than nothing happens, the project does not quit but wait indefinitely

I think it's about a python module mis configured but i am not sure
and if yes witch One ?
For info i have this warning
Failed modules
Python 2.7.2 (/usr/local/bin/python-32) 

I update pyCharm to 3.0 and the problem is still here ....

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SOLVED WITH debugger options in settings

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