How to run startup script in Debug mode and print numpy array

(1) If I use "run" instead of "debug" mode, I can define some startup commands in the settings:python console.

However, if I use debug mode, the startup script does not run. Specifically, I would like to run
"np.set_printoptions(suppress=True, linewidth =200)" when debug console begins to run.

(2) The console and debug variable view has one line, is that possible to right click the variable to pop up more window to show the WHOLE numpy array?   

Currently, I used right click context menu: "compare with clipboard" to show numpy array.  However, in the debug mode, it does not print out whole array because of set_printoptions . so I have to print it in the debug mode console, where I have to manually run "np.set_printoptions(suppress=True, linewidth =200, threshold='nan')" and then type the numpy array to be printed. Is there a more convenient way of view array with elegant format?

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