web2py: New project generates errors in editor

Hello there,

The framework support for things like Flask and web2py finally sold me and I purchased a new license for 3.0 yesterday.  Tonight I thought I'd try creating a new web2py project just to play with, and was kind of disappointed when a brand new project already shows a bunch of errors flagged in default.py for unresolved references for basic web2py infrastructure like 'auth', 'crud', 'db', etc.

Am I missing something here?  Seems kind of odd for a framework that is supposed to be 'supported'...


Hi memilanuk,

what OS do you use? Was there any errors during project creation?
Ubuntu 13.04

I'm half-wondering if it was an artifact of possibly having another (Flask) project open when I created the web2py one.

Later when I closed pycharm and deleted the entire directory that I had the web2py project in, then opened pycharm and created a new project from the start, that seems to not have all the 'unresolved reference' errors.  Or, if I start from scratch and just browse into an existing web2py install, I get no errors.

Thanks for the clarifying. We'll try to investigate the issue.

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