Need help syncing files with a remote development server

I have a local server on which I run Vagrant boxes to run my various Django/Python environments. I access the web servers on the Vagrant boxes via a LAN IP address. I work on the code on whichever machine I happen to be using at the time. So, code is on the machine I'm working on, project interpreter and virtualenv is on a LAN server.

What I need to know is how I can sync the files I'm working on to the LAN server without having to use git to push then pull....?

I've tried setting up the server connection in the Deployment options and I can successfully connect to the server, but when it comes to syncing to the server, it tries to create folders based on the URL, not the project root file path.....

The non-Pycharm solution would be to use rsync from the terminal, but surely there's a way to set this up in PyCharm???
The Deployment feature is what you're supposed to use for this. How exactly did you configure it?
Like this:


Error is:

[14/10/2013 12:41] Failed to transfer file 'xxxxxx': could not create folder "sftp://". (Permission denied)

The repo is already up and running on the Vagrant machine, so it shouldn't be trying to create any folders.....
Any ideas where I am going wrong? Still can't get this to work, despite having been through the docs.......
Copying my reply from support that helped:

Change the root path to "/" or deployment web path to "/" as the latter is set relatively to the root path, so now you get something like /home/web/shift/home/web/shift.

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