Pycharm Pyramid Chameleon Bugs


I have created a sample chameleon template that showcases 3 bugs in pycharm using pyramid chameleon.  The file is attached.

I'm using Pycharm 3.01  131.339 Windows 7x64.

  1. 1 Namespace never used
  2. 2 Commenting out code does not fully gray out all code
  3. 3 Closing # expected
  4. 4 Closing # expected (different style)

Bug #4 was fixed as 131.339 but I left it in the sample template as an example.

Please let me know if you need any other information. (1000B)
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Hi fatfantasma,

thanks for pointing out problems with Chameleon language support. I've created issues – one, two and three. Next time, please file a bug report directly in our tracker
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Thanks. Will do.  I look forward to the fix :)

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