PyCharm quits without warning.

I am having the problem that PyCharms quits unexpectedly without warning.

I am using PyCharm Community Edition (build #PC-131.190, 24 Sep 2013 00:00) on Windows 7 32 Bit, JRE: 1.7.0_10-b18 and the Standard Java Args: -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=250m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m -ea -XX:+UseCodeCacheFlushing -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:SoftRefLRUPolicyMSPerMB=50

The last entries on the log file before crashing are:
2013-10-28 10:21:28,233 [2506504]   INFO - ellij.concurrency.JobScheduler - 50 ms execution limit failed for: com.intellij.util.Alarm$Request@abcd43com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.ProgressableTextEditorHighlightingPass$1@13102ab; elapsed time was 62ms
2013-10-28 10:23:26,525 [2624796]   INFO - openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl - Cache hits:12288, total requests:16983,file://C:/*******
2013-10-28 10:25:08,043 [2726314]   INFO - openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl - Cache hits:16384, total requests:23061,file://C:/*******
2013-10-28 10:26:25,561 [2803832]   INFO - openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl - Cache hits:20480, total requests:28130,file://C:/*******

And then Puff, the IDE is gone. Any ideas? Thanks.
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You might want to look at this prior thread:

I found that changing my Python package completely stopped the problem with PyCharm spontaneously shutting down.
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Thanks, it is definitely the same problem. Unfortunately changing to Python 2.7 is not an option.
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I don't really know if it's Python 3.3 that's the problem, or one of the package binaries that I installed.  Have you tried anaconda?  They have a Python 3.3 distribution with a variety of packages. It didn't quite have everything I needed, but maybe it will work for you.

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