Interactive Python Interpreter Question

Hello all,

I am a fairly new Pycharm user switched from other IDEs recently, and I just love this IDE!!

One question I have is about the interactive python interpreter, which is the "window" I can type in variables to check them after I ran my script. Pyscripter has this thing called "Python interpreter" and I know Pycharm also has.

I tried "Python Console" under "Tools", but I don't think it's the same thing. So I am wondering how I can find this Python Interpreter in Pycharm? I am using Community version 3.

Thanks in advance!
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The simplest way is to put a breakpoint at the place you are interested in and run the debugger. When the debugger stops there, you will be able to launch an interactive console in that context: Debug panel | Console | "Show command line" button.
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I had the same question and also came to the conclusion that the debugger is the only way for PyCharm to get an interactive session where the current script has been autoexecuted. However, isn't running the debugger much slower (given the program involves heavy computation) than running it in a normal IPython console session and inspecting the variables afterwards (e.g. similar to what is supported by PyDev as  Interactive Console via Ctrl+Alt+Enter)?

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