pycharm 3 terminal tab truncate commands

i'm using pycharm 3 pro on a windows 8 workstation and each time i use the terminal (inside pycharm) to convert an ui file into .py file the command is truncated . am i missing something because it is really painfull to write the filename without useing the autocompletion (tab and in windows it's paintfull even when it works but the qt lib are not working in mavericks ) .
is there something can i do to solve the problem?
thanks in advance

i tryed to write something long into the terminal tab of the linux version of pycharm 3.0.1 and it work perfectly . maybe there is something related to my windows 8 env.
i'm replying myself (it's really sad ) maybe could be helpfull to someone.
i found that putting the terminal tab docked at left side of the ide (the total width is shorter) the text goes into a new  line befere reach to the bug.
as you can see from the image below in the first image i putted the tab on the left and all the command is shown if move the tab on the bottom of the screen the total width is bigger than the width of some sort of mask used in the swing app my knowledge of java is far from understand why it happends exactly that result in cutting the commad ( if you execute the command is correct but you can see just the first 25 chars of the string )
sorry for my english i tryed to explain the problem as beter as i can to help the developing process.


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