idea.max.vcs.loaded.size.kb Doesn't Seem to Work

I would like to do a git diff on a SQL create script that is 52Mb but when I try to do it PyCharm gives the error:

Can not show contents of 'xyz.sql'.
File size is bigger than 20.0Mb.
You can relax this restriction by increasing idea.max.vcs.loaded.size.kb property in file.

I have copied the file from /Applications/ to ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm30 then added the line


to the bottom, restarted PyCharm, and still get the same message as above.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Same question in 2018 - I'd love to be able to run a diff on a "large" file but changing the setting specified has no effect. What do I have to do to increase this limit for PyCharm?




Adding the following to the (the best way is to invoke Help - Edit Custom Properties) works:


any number should work.

A restart is required to reload the proeprties.


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