Mac OS compatible find/replace

I love working with PyCharm and version 3 is by far the best.
However, as a Mac user I'm very frustrated with the find/replace system which works in total contradiction  to the standard practices on Mac OS. Making find/replace system compatible with the established conventions on Mac OS would go a log way to make PyCharm and first class development tool on Mac - and same goes to AppCode.

I would mention the following as most important:

1. On Mac several applications share the same find string, so for example, searching for something in Xcode and switching to Terminal you can continue to search for the same term in Terminal, BBEdit and TextWrangler also support this convention which is very productive.

2. On Mac there is a separation between entering a new find term (Command-E) and invoking the find dialog (Command-F).  In PyCharm Command-F uses the currently selected text as the find term, causing the user to loose the previous find term - again very annoying to someone who is used to working differently.

3. On Mac you can also enter the replace term (Command-Shift-E), in PyCharm pressing Command-R actually replaces the find term not the replacement term. I have not found a way to enter a replacement term other than copy-paste.

4. On Mac the find term and other search configuration ("Match case", "Words", "Regex", etc...) are common to all windows in an application, so after searching in one file, you can continue the same search in another file and even in a folder. In PyCharm each window has a different search configuration, So I find myself repeatedly configuring the search and entering the find term.

Again it would be very beneficial to make the find/replace system compatible to Mac OS standards. I would also volunteer to test such changes when you decide to implement them.



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