remote debugging extremely slow


I'm using remote debugging to debug a python daemon on the local machine.  Even with no breakpoints set the daemon seems to run hundreds of times slower than normal.  Besides making debugging very aggravating, it causes clients using http to the daemon to timeout and abort.

What am I doing wrong?

Ubuntu Linux 13.04
Python 2.7.4
Pycharm 3.0.1 Pro

Thanks, Jim
Let me ask another way:  Is anyone else seeing a major slowdown like this, or is it just me?
Hi Jim, try to disable exception breakpoints - they can make performance of the debugger worse.
Just tried disabling exception breakpoints, it ran fast without much slowdown. Next I re-enabled exception breakpoints, it still ran almost as fast.  No idea why my original slowdown problem has disappeared.  Before my original post I had tried restarting Pycharm, rebooting; also my code has not changed since the original post.

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