Can I set Pycharm as the default editor for my Python 3.3 code only?

I have both Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 installed on my computer.

I need each of them for two different courses I'm taking.

For Python 2.7, I use Enthought Canopy as my IDE, or default python editor.  I have a number of files created there that I don't want PyCharm to touch.

Because Canopy uses Python 2.7 only, I downloaded PyCharm to work with Python 3.3 code. However, upon installing and running PyCharm, i noticed that it automatically searched through mydocuments to find all my python files and programs.

Can I set Pycharm as the default editor for my Python 3.3 code only? (and reverse any associations it autocreated with my Python 2.7 files?)

Thanks for your help.  I''m pretty new to this, so sorry if this is quite obvious.

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Unless I'm missing something PyCharm does not search for source "automatically". You have to tell PyCharm what files you work with by opening specific folder and/or creating a project. If you keep your Python 3 files in different location than your Python 2 files then all you need is to open the former location in PyCharm.
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Hi Rod, PyCharm doesn't scan your documents. The association you have for your Python files is probably OS file types setting, that work for all *.py files and doesn't distinguish Python 2.7 and Python 3.3 code.
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During the migration to MPS 3 all concept properties have been replaced by static behavior methods. This is fine in many cases but not in all. If you want to save a state at runtime inside the property you can't do this just with a method.
In my case I have used the property to save the decision if a property is displayed with a keyword or with an icon. With an action or intention the user could switch between the representations and this has effected all nodes with this property. I don't know how to implement this behavior again in MPS 3.0? Has anybody an idea?

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