pyCharm/PTVS type inference


I read article, [RUS, screenshorts available] about Python Tools for Visual Studio. And I found that in code example PTVS have cool type inference.
So, question - why pyCharm can not do the same?

def f(x):
    def g(y):
        return x + y
    return g

a = f(1)(2)
b = f(3.0)(a)
c = f(u'a')(str(b))
d = (a, b, c)[input()]


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PyCharm uses different type inference algorithms. We experiment with type inference techniques using large Python projects as our playground. If a technique is able to infer a significant amount of types and it is lightweight, then we include it in our type inference algorithm. For example, PyCharm 3 is able to infer types of function parameters based on local usages, so the type of x in your example will be int | float | unicode. We don't track types of arguments in the context of a single function call yet for performance reasons. We will continue to work on our type inference in the future versions of PyCharm.

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