I get trapped in parenthesis a lot. How do I not do that?


when writing code such as     
user = Application.objects.get(user=request.user)

When I start type ".get()" it autocompletes the () so as I continue to type the inner part, the user=... part, I then become trapped in the parenthesis and either have to press ctrl+e on my Mac to get to the end of the line, or leave home row with my fingers and arrow to the right.

What keyboard shortcut am I missing? Is there like a TAB+TAB I'm supposed to hit to complete the request.user) and leave the parenthesis so I can move on to the next line?

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Hi there,

Have you tried Meta+Shift+Enter (or whatever shortcut you may have there on your Mac for Complete Current Statement action  in "Preferences | Keymap" under "Editor Actions" branch – use quick search box) ?

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