Bug? When debugging with Pycharm

Hi everyone.

I'd like to know if anybody else has the same problem as me when using the pycharm debugger.

What happens is that once I have put my breakpoints and I click over the Debug icon, the IDE opens automatically another tab with my .py file, so I have open 2 identical tabs just because I want to debug.

This is a pain since when I stop the debugger the tab is still open and, if I forget to close it, and I modify the code, then I have 2 different codes for the same file, and PyCharm starts behaving strangely.

To reproduce this behavior, it's as simple as to create a new simple python project, add one hello.py file with one single line: print "Hello World" and put a breakpoint on this line.

I'm using the PyCharm 3.1 Linux with the last Java Oracle version installed.

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This happens to me frequently - though not all the time - as well. I'm using 3.0.2 on various modern linux distros + jdks.

I looked through the online help to see what I was doing wrong - but couldn't spot anything.

I've switched back to using pydev more and pycharm less (a lot less).
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Hi Fernando, James,

I've created a bug report in our tracker. Please feel free to vote it and get notified once it's fixed.
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Hello Ekaterina,

I made this question here: http://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/webhelp/debug-tool-window.html and Dmitry managed to help me by talking about symbolic links (aka shortcuts).

I'm going to explain what my problem was and how I managed to solve it (it's pretty simple):
On my Linux, I have 2 partitions: OS and Data
Obviously, Pycharm is installed in the OS partition. However, I have a "Pycharm Projects" folder in the Data partition. And I have a shortcut of this folder in my linux home folder (that is, in the OS partition).
Problems appeared when I tried to create a new Pycharm project by pointing its location to the "shortcut folder" instead of the original folder.

I hope I have explained myself enough clearly (my 1st language is not english at all). If there is anything that sounds you strange or you have any doubts about what I've said, feel free to ask.
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Hi everyone - just to let you know my setup is a little different than Fernando's - though maybe the answer is the same?

/dev/sda1 = centos 6.5 = /
/dev/sda2 = ubuntu 12.04 = /
/dev/sda6 = /home = mounted as /mnt/home/ in centos & ubuntu

on /home/jsears/bin I have a symbolic link to /mnt/home/jsears/bin/pycharm-3.0.1 and my pycharm projects are on /mnt/home/jsears/GIT_REPOS.

I'm using a symbolic link to start pycharm and also a symbolic link to access the project.

should I not be using symbolic links to start pycharm or access its projects?
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Hi James,

I think your problem is definitely the symbolic link to access the project, not the one to start pycharm.

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