PyCharm startup, No Python Interpreter

I've downloaded and installed IDLE Python which works fine.
PyCharm download and install appeared to be successful.
PyCharm starts up, but when I select 'Create project' I get the error message 'No Python Interpreter'.  
When I try to 'add' a Python Interpreter, none are displayed to be selected.

OS is ubuntu 12.04 LTS
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You need to add a location to an interpreter yourself.
1.Settings -> Python interpreter -> configure interpreters
2.Then click plus
3.Select Local
4.Select path to pythonlocation/python.exe

You can also install packages there. Also I would recommend using virtual environments, thus in step 2 instead of clicking plus click "create virtual environment" button(2 below plus)
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That worked fine.  Added /usr/bin/python2.7 and it 'took off', automatically adding a couple missing modules.

Thanks so much Farkeman.  Onward and upward.
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Wow, this is wholesome! :)

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Your Java would be pointing a lower version it seems, find in the system variables. update recent java version, point the newer java version in settings/environment variables/system variables. this worked for me.


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