Good way to search in a database hierarchy/tree

I know that you can just start typing the name of a table or field in the database browser, and if need be, a node in the tree will be opened for you to reveal the first match.

But how do I navigate to the next match in the tree even if the next match is hidden in a closed node?  If nodes (tables) are already open, I know you can use the down arrow to get to the next match, but since there is apparently no command to recursively open/disclose the entire tree, I am at an impasse.

In general, how do I search for tables and fields in a database in PyCharm?  It seems like a natural thing to want to do.  I often have to deal with tables and fields that are NOT modeled by classes in my code, so this would be very useful.

In my dreams, 1) the Find command could be implemented for hierarchy browsing panels (Dmitry vigorously disagrees, though), or 2) the "Find in Path" command under the Edit menu could be generalized to be "Find in Project" and the results of that could also optionally include database, schema, table or table field hits.

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