Nube question - Why does my VM get slower and slower when running pycharm?


I am very new to pycharm and python.

I am using pycharm to explore the language and have it installed on a Centos Desktop running as a VM in Virtualbox on my company Windows Laptop.

I notice that after a few hours my VM starts to drag its heels; taking ten or twenty seconds to respond to a mouse click and so on.

Closing Pycharm seems to help, (I can use my other apps although they don't seem to be quite as quick), but a reboot seems to be the only solution to getting back to a reasonable level of performance.

I notice that when I close pycharm I am prompted several times by a pop up asking if I really want to stop the python process.

I am wondering if I should have set something option to explicitly close python between runs? Why do I have 4 - 5 processes running?


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There could be a number of things going on here. Just some ideas, without any particular order:
  1. company virus scanner kicks in and tries to scan you VM disk images
  2. some form of memory leak in PyCharm (you could check how much memory is consuming when this is happening)
  3. Run configurations (i.e. when you run/ your Python application) usually are only closed when you click on the red x. If you keep a bunch of them around and they are still doing $stuff, this could also explain the slowdown
  4. there is not enough memory on your laptop to meet the VM and host OS requirements

There are no python processes running when the IDE is open until I execute/debug a Python script in my project. You could check with ps ax |grep python to find out what those Python processes are.
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Good advice Dirk, many thanks. I'll take a look at what processes are running the next time it happens.

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