Help with setting up PyCharm to run Python

I have a problem with import statements in Python.

My program runs properly using IDLE but in PyCharm the import random statement is not recognized.

Background.  I'm using windows 8.1 and Python 3.3.  I'm new to PyCharm.  When I set it up, I chose default suggestions for directories.  My stuff is under users/DK/PycharmProjects/MyProjectName.  My Python is installed under Programs/python33.  I tried copying my python code folders to the python33 folder, but the import statement still is not recognized in pycharms.  Again, import is recognized using IDLE.  

Please help me understand how my directories should be set up, and how to configure my PyCharms.  Realize that this is my first experience with PyCharms, so I don't know how to navigate everything.


It seems to be working now.  I didn't change anything.  I had done a reboot between my question here and discovering that PyCharm is working.  Perhaps the reboot was required – I'll never know.
I'm getting to know Pycharm.  Some things are very nice, some things I'm having trouble getting used to.
Happy coding everyone,

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