Split view of Project & Structure tool windows

How do I configure docked but split view of Project & Structure tool windows - such that I can see both of them on left side while working in editor window?
got the correct setting: project window=docked, pinned & structure window=docked, pinned, split

but guys the settings are not easy to figure out IMO.


Much, much later your simple comment "project window = docked, pinned & structure window = docked, pinned, split" ended hours of pain for me.  JetBrains, please make a YouTube video explaining THE IDE.  How TOOL WINDOWS work, where they can be placed, how they can be combined, broken apart. Thier modes (docked, pinned, windowed, etc.).  As well as how the FILES tool window works.  I have Files, Changed Files, a scope I created (and use), Scratches and now something called "Default" that I don't understand.  I can't remove them (or I don't know how).  The help is only so useful.


This is really horrible UX... 


Just drag Structure window to the area below as shown in the screenshot:


It seems like the split is no longer possible. I get this result now with 2020.2.3 Community Edition


It is possible in the 2020 pro edition, as I just did it, but I'm not quite sure how it happened. 

I dragged the little structure icon...

down towards the bottom of the leftmost bar and <right-click> selected view mode "Dock Pinned".

Extremely poorly documented.


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