How create a project type

I need to create my own project type with particular features.

For example, when I click new project and choose django project type, automatically pycharm generate the corresponding python packages, modules and other things. I need to create a project type whith some features, similar to these, how can I do it?

Excuse me for my bad english
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This is not possible from PyCharm. Only two ways:
  • Download the PyCharm Community source code and start hacking (not recommended)
  • Write a program that creates the PyCharm project files and creates everything required for your features.

Pycharm project files are just XML – so if you create a template in the IDE manually you should be able to write a program that creates clones from those files.
Just an idea...
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It is possible by writing a plugin to PyCharm. But you have to write it in Java.

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