Can VCS (svn) history show per-revision affected-files in main window?

In Eclipse, when you click on (or even when you quickly arrow-key through) the revision list, there is a pane that shows the affected files on the fly.  The only way I have found to do this in PyCharm is to click the show-affected-files button manually after selecting a new revision entry, which then brings up a "pop-up" window with the affected-file list.  As bad as this already is, it gets worse.  Selecting a different revision doesn't update the pop-up, so now it shows the incorrect view.  In fact, if I click the show-affected-files list a second time, I get a second pop-up!  So my screen gets cluttered with numerous little transient pop-up windows.

Hopefully someone will respond and tell me there is as simple setting somewhere I can toggle that will fix this?!  I did some exploring and couldn't find a solution yet.


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