Remote debug running django server via remote interpreter


I think I may be trying a configuration that won't work. I see that PyCharm (according to help) supports two ways to debug remotely. I'm trying to use the 'remote interpreter' option with an existing django server that is already running on the remote interpreter machine. I have the remote interpreter configured and working, and I created a 'django server' run/debug configuration pointing to the machine with the remote interpreter. However, when I run this debug configuration it starts a development server on the remote machine. I want it to use the existing running django server that is there already. Do I have to use a 'python remote debug' configuration and add the 'import pydevd' and related commands to one of the django python files in order to do this, versus using a django server config?

Basically, I would really love to avoid having to add the additional commands to project files for remote debugging.

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