New to Programming and Python?

How would i go about learning the language and concepts? I'm not looking to shell out money, and would like to (some day) become a computer game programmer. What should i start with? I'm also into software.
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A good start would be finding a couple of problems that you can use to try out a programming language. Initially, these problems will be small (like reversing strings, converting your age into days, or just renaming all your mp3 files to a certain naming pattern).

Be prepared that it will take some time to get the hang of it. Learning to program is very much learning to speak a new language! At first you'll learn bits an pieces that might sound weird to a native speaker but as you keep improving your skills, you'll get more proficient with words, grammar, and idioms.

Some languages are easier to learn than others. As you're asking in this forum: Python would be a good choice because it is a mature language with a lot of documentation; it is well structured with clear concepts. You can download the Python SDK for your system and the free community edition of Pycharm to get started. Of course, you can also use a simple text editor and the command line for your first steps.

At first, I thought about pointing you to sample programming exercises. But then, I realized this might just lead to more unanswered questions than answers. Even though you said you don't want to spend money, a well written book really will be helpful to get you started.

The Amazon reviews of this one here seem to be alright: Learning Python the Hard way. Or this one: Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner (I have read neither of them).

Good luck!

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