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I am a beginner to Python, Django and Pycharm. I did learn the basics of python (it is very simple and easy.. i have coded in c++ earlier, so the syntax doesn't seem too difficult). I learned about django a bit. but i am stuck with the exact process i should follow to create a website in pycharm using django.
i was about to develop the website using HTML and javascript in dreamweaver for my new online venture, but my friend suggested i use django (for good number of reasons.
the lessons online are very confusing, and i cannot get a clear idea as to when i start a project in pycharm, how i ccode the html and include the django plugins and what exactly i should code ijn the html and the various python files. dammit this is soooo confusing for a beginner like me.. or maybe i havent come across the right resources. please help me get started on my project. it is getting delayed because of the delay in creating the website. please help me. thanks in advance.
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Hi abby,

I believe the best tutorial for the beginner is Djangobook
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The Django tutorial itself is a fairly good place to get started. I highly recommend "Two Scoops of Django" as well (  It is not specifically for beginners but has great best practices.
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Thanks Ekaterina. I am indeed using the resources at Djangobook. It is very good for Django knowledge, but as a non-coder, the bigger problem i face is in implementing the language or framework knowledge to the website. What i mean is that though I am getting a hang of Django, i seem to lack the thought process of integrating it within my website code.
What i have now thought of doing is: 1. prepare an html/css/js code (template) for the website (and mark the locations of where i need database/server interaction, for integrating Django - or PHP or Ruby or whichever best suits my requirement - code later) 2. integrate Django module (plug-ins) at appropriate locations in the website template.
Do you think there is anything i am overlooking?... please recommend.

Also, when i spoke to a web development agency, the manager recommended PHP instead of Python because he believes that although Python is easy and may expedite the process, it is not sufficiently secure as the language has its own layer of security over and above the server security, and that Python gets easily decrypted. Is this a valid concern? My website shall handle Intellectual Copyright data, users' personal information and financial transactions; in that respect, do you think Python is a safe and secure option for me?


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