How can I get ModelForm objects to autocomplete?

I've got various forms:
class ABCForm(ModelForm):
    story_wiki = forms.CharField(...)
But they don't fully autocomplete in pycharm (currently using 3.1.3).
The fields like "story_wiki" above complete, but not the inherited methods like ".is_valid()" or fields like ".error".  This is true even if I type hint it for pycharm and CTRL-Q works to show the type:

 form = ABCForm(request.POST, request.FILES)
 assert isinstance(form, ABCForm)

There is a note when pressing [clr-space] that "Did you know that quick definition view (Ctrl-Shift-I) works...".  Except CTRL-SHIFT-I also does nothing.

How can I get autocomplete in this common use case?

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