QT .py file crashes inside PyCharm IDE but runs fine using pythonw or python.app

I made a simple 'pst.py' (hello world) program inside Pycharm.   When I run it, it crashes with:
Qt internal error: qt_menu.nib could not be loaded. The .nib file should be placed in QtGui.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/  or in the resources directory of your application bundle.

Inside PyCharm, from an Python Console, all the modules look available:
>>>     print(PySide.QtCore.qVersion()) 4.7.4 >>> print(PySide.__version__) 1.1.2

So I went to the terminal and tried running the same program from the command line using 'python.app' and 'pythonw.'  The program worked fine using both python.app and pythonw   If I used just python pst.py, I got the same crash.

vt102:dBaseProject sloter$ python.app pst.py vt102:dBaseProject sloter$ which python.app /Users/sloter/anaconda/bin/python.app vt102:dBaseProject sloter$ pythonw pst.py vt102:dBaseProject sloter$ which pythonw /Users/sloter/anaconda/bin/pythonw

I think that PyCharm IDE is using the same path (Users/sloter/anaconda/bin/)   http://i.imgur.com/vxfW7gG.png

I watched a youtube video where a guy wrote a very similar program inside PyCharm and then ran inside Pycharm and things worked fine.  

So any ideas what I need to change to enable me to develop PySide/QT program entirely inside PyCharm?


ps here's the cost for   'pst.py' that I tried to run

#!/Users/sloter/anaconda/bin/python # Import PySide classes import sys from PySide.QtCore import * from PySide.QtGui import * # Create a Qt application app = QApplication(sys.argv) # Create a Label and show it label = QLabel("Hello World") label.show() # Enter Qt application main loop app.exec_() sys.exit()

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