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Hi all,

Im evaluating Pycharm at the moment and loving it so far. But there is one thing that has me completely stumped and none of the google hits is helping.

I have a Django project where I have moved SECRET_KEY to an environment variable. In the run configuration, and in the general settings (both Django Console and Python Console) I've set this environment variable. In Django or Python consoles, or if I run the project, the env variable works fine. However 'Run Task' just does not seem to see the varable at all. Where does 'Run Task' pick up environment variables from? I really dont want to add custom scripts just for pycharm when it seems to work in all other contexts

Reason it is a problem is I cant figure out how to run syncdb from within in pycharm given I cant run any of the django management commands. I even tried to set it in the virtualenv activate.bat that pycharm creates when I created the virtualenv and even that does not work. Any ideas as this is a deal breaker for me. I dont want to have to jump through multiple hoops every time I create, or work with a new project and its something that is real simple outside the context of pycharm.

Many Thanks
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Hi Dibble,

there was no place to specify environment variables in PyCharm 3.1
Please, use PyCharm 3.4 EAP and set environment for the tasks should be set in the Settings->Console->Django Console and options
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This has been fixed. There is now a dedicated section for tasks with environment variables under Settings > Languages and Frameworks > Django 



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