Versioning colorization failed after subversion upgraded to 1.8.8

I am Linux Mint user. I was using Linux Mint 13, and some how, I need to make dist upgrade. I did upgrade to Linux Mint 15. While upgrading; subversion package upgraded to 1.8.8. After this upgrade, PyCharm versioning colorization starts to failing while I make a change on a file.

When I make a change in the versioned file, file color turns blue. A few moments file color turns white it self. In two condition if I do file comparsion with repo, versioning system returns "Contents are Identical" message.

I also have another project which is managed by git. There is no problem with git. It's working perfectly.

The colorization fails to changing the color of the line has changes. I did not figure out, is it a bug, or something wrong with settings?

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