Context/temporary run configuration for django tests

When I open a python module with Django tests, then place cursor on one of the tests, and then press Ctrl+Shift+F10 PyCharm creates a temporary run configuration for just this test.  Unfortunately the configuration uses nosetest runner, not Django test runner, so the test fails to run.

If I manually create a run configuration that uses Django test runner it works as expected.

Previously temporary configuration were correctly created with Django's runner.
I've recently updated to PyCharm 3.4 from some earlier version (not sure from what version exactly), so I believe the type of temp configurations changed after the update.

Also there is an option 'Default Test Runner' in 'Python Integrated Tools' settings tab, but there is no 'Django runner' option here.

So how can I change the test runner used by temporary run configurations to Django test runner?
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I ran into something similar when I upgraded to Pycharm 3.4. See PY-9908, PY-13103.

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