importing float & raw_input()?

So... got PyCharm 3.4.1 installed on Linux Mint 17, with Python 2.7.6 & 3.4.0 installed by default.

Both versions of Python are set up in PyCharm as separate interpreters, plus another 'version' of 3.4.0 in a virtualenv.

Working my way thru an intro class (Python for Informatics).  PyCharm is definitely overkill for this course, but figured I have it... its installed... might as well use it.

Running into some oddness where I setup a project via the route of opening an existing directory, selected the project interpreter as python 2.7.6, but PyCharm is throwing up errors in the margin and claiming that code like:

hrs = float(raw_input("Enter Hours: "))

has 'unresolved references' and asks to import from distlib.compat.raw_input or pip.backward_compatible.raw_input.  Similarly, PyCharm is calling the same error on float() in the above line... saying it can't tell whether to use builtins.float() or __builtin__.float().

Now... the code executes correctly (as it should), but its driving me nuts seeing all the error warnings and markers that shouldn't be there.  I know the default answer is that I'm using some version of python3 as the interpreter by mistake... but unless python3 is suddenly hiding under the name of '/usr/bin/python2.7' (which it isn't, the correct python is called when executed from the command line).  I'm kind of at a loss on this one.

Also... for this kind of 'classroom' problem I usually cut-n-paste the question text in the beginning of the program and make it a comment, so when I look at it later I know what I was supposed to do vs. what I was trying to do ;)  Unfortunately, thats now throwing more big red warning marks:

  1. Write a program to prompt the user for hours and rate per hour using raw_input to

is underlined in red from the beginning of 'hour' on, including every following line of the comment.  Nothing shows when I hover the pointer over the lines, but when I hover over the bars in the margin it says 'Colon expected'.  Huh?


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