Stuck in "polls" example

Running PyCharm on Windows Vista.  No issues there.

Working through this example to make sure everything works:

I'm all the way down at "Creating Models"

I get here:

First, select sql from the suggestion list, and choose the desired application name.
This command generates SQL statements for both classes of the polls application:"

I open, press Ctrl+Alt+R and get a little window to select the application.

First I left it at the first selection that appeared "admin".  That worked but it resulted in something completely unrelated.

I re-ran it and this time selected "polls".  I get the following error message:

CommandError: App with label polls could not be found. Are you sure your INSTALLED_APPS setting is correct?

Not sure what to do now.  I am not really familiar with Django.  Here's INSTALLED_APPS:


I'd appreciate a shove in the right direction.  


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