Super newbie question

I have just begun the process of teaching myself pycharm/python (programming) for the first time. I am using the community edition of pycharm and have an early stage question.

After selecting to create a new project you're presented with a window that is supposed to contain 4 fields:
1. Project Name:
2. Location:
3. Project Type:
4. Interpreter:

When this window opens for me, the third option, Project Type, is not listed at all. So there are only 3 fields on this window for me.

Can someone explain to me why this field isn't displayed for me?

Thanks for any help.
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The community edition only works with "regular" Python projects so the Project Type option is not shown.  The other project types are for web frameworks like Django, Flask, Web2Py, Google App Engine and a few others. These specialized project types contain some special features for these frameworks. As far as I know, you can still fully use the community edition with one of these frameworks (Django, Flask etc) you just don't get some of the special features/awareness. You may have to do slightly more work to configure working Run, Debug, or Test configurations without these features, but it should be possible to make it work.
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Preston, thank you for the answer! This information is probably listed somewhere on the site but I never saw it. Until now I felt as though I had done something wrong with the setup.

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