Project rename – the same structure presented differently

I have a group of libraries in subdirectories of 'python' directory. I have two copies of this directory, each one used by different project. I added both projects and both instances of 'python' directory as projects in PyCharm. However there's difference in how each instance of 'python' directory is being presented in Project View in PyCharm. One is presented as
– First Instance
and the other is presented as
– python [Second Instance]
, where 'First Instance' and 'Second Instance' are the names I renamed the projects to (Shift+F6).

Why the difference?

I looked in .idea subdirectory of both 'python' projects and I see that one instance (the one named 'Second Instance' in PyCharm) has file named '.name' with the string 'python' in it and the other one (the one named 'First Instance' in PyCharm) does not have this file.

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