Open project causes mount storm on cluster, can look ahead be disabled?

We are trying to install the pycharm community edition on our organisations cluster machines but we have encountered a problem with the open project (and equivalent) dialogues.

The cluster is linux based with ~2000 users. The user home directories are mounted via NFS using automount. When users try to open existing folders as projects, PyCharm starts from the system root and requires the users to navigate to their home directory. Unfortunately PyCharm looks inside each folder as you expand the tree (to identify a project?) rather than just listing the next level of the filesystem tree. This "look ahead" causes the cluster nodes to try to mount every single user folder which takes considerable time for 2000 users and unnecessarily stresses the file server.

Is there a way of disabling PyCharm searching the tree for projects? Our users know where their projects are and don't need an icon to point out the project folder so this shouldn't cause a problem. If there is no option, could you please consider adding one to in the next release?

This issue is causing a stumbling block for rolling out PyCharm.

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